Vendors and suppliers are an important partner to Kings & Queens Maintenance Services and to our clients. You contribute to our continued success. As a company providing superior service and materials, we urge you to read and carefully follow the terms of our Purchase Order. We appreciate your work, and look forward to a mutually beneficial and productive relationship.

Please keep in mind that, although sometimes Kings & Queens Maintenance Services makes purchases for itself, in many instances it functions as a purchasing agent for one or more of its clients. When a purchase is arranged for a client, the purchase agreement is solely between the vendor and the client or clients named on the purchase order, and Kings & Queens Maintenance Services is not itself a party to the purchase order. All purchase orders must include the signature of an authorized agent. Please call us for a current list of authorized agents.

Click Here to download a PDF of sample purchase order conditions that apply when Kings & Queens Maintenance Services is purchasing goods or services for a building project.